Chicken Report

The not-so-baby chickens moved into the pasture a couple of weeks ago.

They are acclimating ok, but as expected, the old grumpy chickens are not being especially welcoming.

The two chicken populations are mostly keeping to themselves, but occasionally they cross paths and much fussing and squawking ensues.

And,,, it’s kind of looking like we might have a couple or three roosters in the bunch.
Here are the candidates-





and Mr. Speckles (because he didn’t have a name and he’s a Speckled Sussex) 🙂


Was hoping I could capture a little bit of the crowing and posturing going on out there, but everybody was pretty cooled out this evening.
Here is a little impromptu footage from the pasture.

Also started reading another sheep-keeping memoir this week

I’m not very far in yet, but it looks promising.
I have a little bit of stay-cation coming up in a week, so maybe I’ll just save it for then!

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