Adventures in Indigo!

First, thank you all for the kind and supportive comments on my last post.
Losing Walla has been tough. He was one of a kind, and I felt that we really had a special bond.
I know many of have known the pain of losing critters that you care deeply for, and I really appreciate your support.


I’d been thinking about indigo for some time.
But it always seemed kind of intimidating.
There are a LOT of ways to dye with indigo.

I felt like I really wanted to have a good understanding of the process before I gave it a go. But I had somehow misplaced the instruction booklet that came with my Earthues kit!

Thankfully, I happened across Cynthia Underwood Thayer’s Indigo Dyeing page

I didn’t have any spectralite in the Earthues kit, but since it is a detergent/excess color remover I figured it wasn’t too critical. Hide glue did come in the kit, and served the same purpose as the gelatin (to protect the fibers in the very alkaline dye solution).


Presenting the lucky skeins selected for dyeing!


Here they are soaking in preparation for their first dip-


My set-up.


And let the dipping begin!



Skeins hanging in an apple tree to dry-


It all seems to have worked out ok! Stash transformed!


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