Walla Has Left the Building

We said goodbye to my sweet Walla this past Wednesday.


I had not mentioned it on the blog, but Wally was diagnosed with Lympho sarcoma back in April.
I decided early on that I would make myself let him go as soon as I got the sense that the cancer was starting to impact his quality of life, and went about making his last weeks with us happy and memorable as possible.

Earlier this week he lost interest in eating.


I’m having a hard time writing this, so I’ll stop now.

We was greatly loved, and will be greatly missed.


  1. Keith

    It was sad to read your post. But I know that you have given him such a great life. You two clearly love your animal family. Wally was a special dog indeed. I’m so glad that we had an opportunity to meet him.

    Sending you hugs!

  2. Farmlady

    This is the hardest part of having animals in our lives. Tears are OK.
    Wally’s spirit will be with you forever. All dogs are special visitors in our lives and life wouldn’t be the same without them.
    Take care.


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