back from the mini-vac

We’ve just returned from a few days down in Cannon Beach, Oregon.
It’s a great spot to just go and hang out and do not much for a while.
Which is exactly what we did.

Here is the view from out room (+work in progress)


Don’t think I’ve posted about this current project yet- it’s a Brooklyn Tweed Brownstone for me!

I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while, but other projects kept pushing it down the priority list.

This will be the first project spun entirely on my new lateral treadle wheel, and is a blend of Edgar and Griff, with a little touch of white from a forgotten source that just happened to be about the right weight.

The red tips are the same Edgar/Griff yarn dyed with a blend of red-pink Kool-Aids that I had hanging around.

I am really excited about this sweater. I’m expecting it to be a lightweight yet sturdy staple in the wardrobe. A workin-around-the-homestead sweater that I’ll live in most weekends.

And I didn’t really plan it to, but it kind of has a traditional sock-monkey color scheme going on.


‘Tis now my Monkey Sweater.

I mostly just knit, read, played scrabble and drank coffee in Cannon Beach, but in case you are planning a trip to the Oregon Coast, I should mention that there is a nice little yarn shop there:


(sorry for the funny face there- the sun was in my eyes) 🙂

And an awesome but tiny restaurant, The Irish Table, that you should not miss! They are located in the same building as Sleepy Monk coffee roasters, and don’t have a website.
Amazing food, super service, cozy setting.


    • sheepsclothing

      thanks Donna-

      I know, as much as I like Cannon Beach, I am tempted by the possibility of flying nonstop to Hawaii out of Bellingham!


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