The New Deal

I always kind of enjoyed having the chickens running around the yard being crazy.

And they seemed so happy having the run of the place.

Chickens don’t mean to be destructive, but they can’t help scratching and dustbathing and making messes everywhere.

Things were getting a little bit out of control.

So we’re introducing the New Deal.


Welcome to the Chick-itat!


It’s pretty comfy. Plenty of room to scratch, peck, run, flap, etc etc.
About 40×60, and lots of nice shade and cover from the giant portuguese laurel.

But now the silly girls don’t have the option of roosting in the woodshed (and pooping all over the firewood).

Yeah, we’re pretty happy about it. 🙂

In sheep news,, we’re all looking forward to shearing in about a month or so-
here are some fleece previews.






“It’s all about the wool, baby.” 😉


    • sheepsclothing

      He does look caramelly. I know this sounds weird, but I think his fleece is a little darker now than it was last fall. I remember him being more nougat-colored at last shearing.

    • sheepsclothing

      thanks. The Man built that for them almost exactly 3 years ago. It’ll need a good scrub down after all the cold wet winter weather (get a lot of green-stuff accumulation), but otherwise it’s holding up pretty well


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