The Aftermath

Christmas has come and gone.

The sheeps have helped with recycling the tree
here’s the before
and the after

Don’t they do a great job?

And we’re all just hangin’ on the couch, waiting for 2013 to roll around



We’re probably not going to make it ’til midnight.

Happy New Year, y’all!


  1. Kirsti Charlton

    Hi Denise,

    do the sheep like blackberries? we’ve got a DOT plot that we’re are trying to de-blackberry……I could sheep sit while you are at work!! although I’m guessing that transportation might be a problem!

    Happy new year to you and all the residents at the “farm”.

    Love, Kirsti

    • sheepsclothing

      hey Kirsti- happy new years to you too! I think the sheep would love blackberries- the problem would be that they would get all tangled up in them. fleece + prickly,sticky vines= baaaad news 🙂


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