Wheel-y Wheel-y Good

Meet the Denisee Special (aka “Stupid Spinning Wheel”)!


My design + The Man’s welding, woodworking and general mechanical skills.

Here are the specs:

single drive, flyer-lead
lateral treadle
weighted scotch tension
ratios: approx 8, 15, 24 to 1

The driveband is tensioned by a moveable pulley on a horizontally mounted bracket


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

1. The lateral treadle setup gives me lots of room to work in front and to the left, which is how I draft.

2. The compact upright arrangement lets it have a pretty big wheel (24″) and still have a relatively small footprint (13.5″ by 26″). big wheel = higher ratios = fast

3. Single drive set-up with the pulleys on the front of the flyer allow me to change out bobbins without having to unscrew anything!


4. Since the bobbin is perpendicular to me, I can see exactly how it is filling up and when I should change hooks.

Next up- a built in-lazy kate?

Denise is such a happy girl. 🙂


    • sheepsclothing

      It’s actually angled 90 degrees from the treadle, and that is so that as I’m sitting in line with the drivewheel, treadling with my right foot, I can do a long draw back and to the left. gives me lonts of working room. It is moedelled after the antique swiss lateral treadle wheels.


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