Wake up- Time to Dye!

Sorry. Couldn’t resist the Bladerunner reference.

But really- that’s today’s story!

I don’t think I mentioned this earlier, but The Man got me an EarthHues dyeing kit for my birthday this year, and I’ve been really anxious to give it a go.
But first I needed a big pot. And a burner.

This weekend it finally all came together!
Here is the setup:


And here is the yarn and fleece all snug in the pot with the alum solution getting mordanted:


I left in in there overnight to cool out, then got a start with the actual dyeing this morning.

First up, Quebracho Red!


Filling the pot-


Dissolving the extract-


And everything in the pot!


the second pot was going to be just Pomegranate, but it seemed to me once it had been cooking a while that it was too khaki, and not enough yellow, so I added some Weld.



And here are the results-


Or most of them anyway. I did some fleece too, but it is all jumbled and messy looking right now and didn’t want to be photographed until it made itself more presentable 😉

Pretty pretty pretty.

I think I’m hooked.

Next up- madder and indigo!

And, here is the mystery knitting project of the week(s)


Anyone have an idea what it is?

Because I’m not sure myself!


  1. Bluff Country Shepherdess

    How PRETTY! And I’m not even a ‘pink’ person! Makes me want to start dying some wool/yarn. As for the knitting ~ perhaps a shawl?

    • sheepsclothing

      thanks- I’m not really a pink person either- I kind of expected it to turn out more of a coral-ish red, but I do like the shade.

  2. Keith

    Nice! You are soooo living my dream! I have some Earthues dye waiting to be used and am now inspired to give it whirl, once I have some spun yarn worthy of being dyed.

  3. sheepsclothing

    thanks Keith- you should totally give it a shot. Not too terribly complicated, but it does take some time. Love the results, though!


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