Falling ever-so-slightly behind

I never publicly stated a goal pace.
But I had in mind a number.


One ounce a day.
6 days a week.
And one day to ply.

It seemed so reasonable.
So right.

At this pace, I could spin all the yarn for the Classic Oak Cardigan in 5 weeks.

That would leave me lots and lots of time for knitting.
Which is good, because it gets harder to find knitting time in the summer months (too much outside work competing for my time).

And last week it all worked out according to plan.
2 skeins. about 280 yards total.


Plied, washed and hanging to dry on Sunday evening.

This week I almost made it.


2 skeins. Plied, but not yet washed. Waiting on the windowsill.

I might get them washed before bed tonight.

But then I’m stuck.

You see, I don’t have my ounce a day ready to go for tomorrow.

I forgot to build carding time into my schedule!

Dag. Rookie mistake.

I might have to take time off my day job to get back on track.
Just kidding.

Or maybe not. 🙂


  1. Nancy K.

    OOOOO ~ Your yarn is lovely! I bet the sweater will be awesome. I’ve been spinning quite a bit too and find the prep work MUCH more time consuming than the actual spinning.

  2. sheepsclothing

    You are so right. washing, picking, carding, blending is all pretty labor intesive. Will have to take a deep breath and reconfigure my project timeline!


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