New Girl on the Block

The Male to Female ratio is finally balanced on the homestead.

Meet Sadie!


Sadie came to us from the Whatcom Humane Society, in Bellingham, WA.

She’s a sweet, happy girl who loves to pose for photos (yea!)


and roll in chicken droppings (eeks!)


She’s got a few pounds to lose before she can really romp like she wants to,


But she is such a love.


A big, squishy, golden love.

Wally is a little jealous (he’s been getting crazy amounts of attention as an only dog),

wally tongue

but he’ll get over it.

And Boo Kitten has gone into seclusion to contemplate the implications of this development.


    • sheepsclothing

      yep- we just found out that she has a love of tennis balls- so that will likely be a big part of the fitness regimen!


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