Back from Blog-cation

Sorry I missed y’all last week.
No, we didn’t go anywhere. We had company!
Yep. Had the Mom out last week to visit.

I have to imagine it was a little bit of a culture shock, leaving her comfy condo in the Chicago suburbs to come and hang here with us and all the critters out in the backwoods of Western Washington. But she took it all in good humor, and seemed to enjoy the antics of Clara chicken.

Here’s a for-instance:  Clara is in her favorite spot- giving a whole new meaning to the term “chicken tractor”

Clara in the drivers seat (closer)

(Clara has chosen the seat of the Kubota tractor as her nesting spot. And she looks so sweet sitting there that we’ve decided that’s ok with us) 🙂

While mom was here, we took a field trip to Anacortes for their annual Art Festival, where there were really quite a lot of really nice ceramics, glass, photography, etc etc. Not a whole lot of fiber art representation, but I did find (and purchase) this lovely handwoven blanket:


It was woven by a man named Chule, who is originally from Macedonia.

(We went a bunch of other places too, but sadly, the weather wasn’t great and I didn’t think to take pictures.)

Since Mom returned home mid-last-week, we’ve pretty much gotten back to our normal routine.
Yesterday I helped John, from Marietta Shetlands, show a couple of his ewe lambs at the Skagit County Fair.



That was a good time. Love hanging out with sheep and Sheep People.

But then this morning, I went out to visit with my boys and noticed that Griff has a limp. Clearly something wrong with his left front leg, and he looks a bit of bloated on the right side (?). But we can’t get any closer than about 20 feet.
So, we’ve spent a good portion of today trying different strategies to catch him up.
All to no avail.

We even had someone bring a dog over that, while untrained, has some good herding instincts.
That was kind of interesting, and most of the other guys were pretty amenable to her guidance,, but Griff seems to be a tough case.

Even on three legs, he is pretty quick and springy. Somehow he seems better able to run than walk. I don’t understand that at all. And so he is still out in the pasture, alternately hobbling and resting.


I really hope that whatever is ailing him will resolve itself with time and rest, because it doesn’t appear that he will let me help him. 🙁

On the up-side, Stash Abatement continues apace.

Exhibit A, more squishy shimmery navajo plied Huey yarn.


Exhibit B, white mystery wool “handpainted” (ha!) with red food dye and Wilton’s paste frosting color

IMG_2494 (Medium)

Have a good week!



  1. Michelle

    Nice dye job! Hmm, me thinks you really need to set up some sort of pen within the pasture, keep their water and minerals there so it is not a scary place, and have an extra cattle panel to squeeze the size on down in case you need to catch someone. You never know when you’ll need to catch someone — like now!

    • sheepsclothing

      We do have a pen for them, and there is hay and mineral in there- they do go in of their own free will,, but Griff will bolt as soon as I get anywhere near, so I’ve never been able to successfully close him in there.
      We managed to round up the other 4 in there this morning, and figured that he might come around, as none of the others tolerates being apart from the rest of the flock very well,, but he wouldn’t take the bait. He’s mighty wary.

  2. Jody

    Griff sounds very standoffish…isn’t that strange when the others are getting more friendly. I hope he gets better too Denise…for his and your sake.

  3. Mom

    Just a note from the visiting mother….I had a very nice time “down on the farm” …very restful watching sheep graze and chickens free-range. Of course, you never know what Clara will do…unconventional chicken that she is. Count on her to jump the fence and high-tail it down the road, with the rooster squaking loudly in protest! Rather unique to wake to the rooster crowing, but why does he do it at 4:45am when I am on vacation? All in all, a very pleasant trip to see my favorite daughter (and son-in-law). Thank you both for your generous hospitality.

    • denise

      Thanks, Ma! It was good to have you out to the homestead- I bet you’re sleeping better now that Orp isn’t calling you out at first light, eh? 🙂


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