De-Stash Continues, Sheep Oblivious to Progress

I am making steady progress on spinning the stash, with the help of a little blending for added interest:

Here is a little bit of shetland and mohair hankering to get together-


and here are some of my results from this week and last (the shetland/mohair is on the left)


The mindless scarf project is morphing into a hooded scarf-


And the sheep are busy munching away out in the pasture-


Chone is always ready and willing to spend some quality time with his maaaaa,,

IMG_2433 (Medium)

but I’m still not having any luck with Griff.

He appears to be impervious to the lure of treats, and is really slippery.

If I’m ever gonna get a hold of this little bugger, perhaps our next dog needs to be a border collie.

Any other suggestions?

And a little local color:



Many thanks to John and Tina for the lovely california poppies that are brightening our yard!


    • denise

      the red is some sort of tweedy blend in thin batts that was gifted to me a while back. It’s a little bit hairy, a little bit fluffy, and a little bit lumpy. Think it will make a nice fall-ish something or other.

  1. schoonoverfarm

    As far as Griff goes, you might try a plastic bowl of grain, since it is something he already knows. Have him eat a little daily and get closer to the bowl each day, preferable seated. Then have your hand near the bowl one day, then the next have your hand in the bowl then the next try to gently touch him as he eats.

  2. Jody

    Beautiful yarns Denise….I luv mohair with everything! I was just at Hubbert Farms this morning….we had to take some burrs out of the lambs fleeces and then put coats on them. I can always get the girls’ attention with arrowroot cookies 🙂


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