39 and Holding

This past week I had a birthday.

It wasn’t one of those big, “round number birthdays”, but it is significant in a woolish type of way.

You see- a long time back, The Man promised me that by the time I was 40, I’d have sheep!

So 2010 is the year.

We’ve gotta get refocused on the fencing and make it happen.

Anyway, for the 39th, I got a great reference book-

Birthday Book!

Alden has a ton of experience, and is very opinionated, so it makes even the technical bits amusing.
Wouldn’t give it to a very beginner, as it might make the process seem really intimidating, but It’s a good read.

I’ve been busy this week getting my act together for the classes I’m teaching next weekend (is it really next weekend already! Yeeks!)
Lots of samples and tools to organize, etc, etc.

And in the midst of this, I am still making some progress on knitting projects-

One sock down-
End of the Bobbin sock

And up to the armpits on the Shepherd’ Vest!

Vest Progress

The Great Stash Reduction continues, albeit slowly.

More on that next week-


  1. Michelle

    Happy Birthday! The Man is going to scared spitless to find us all lined up at your front door offering to sell you the perfect Shetlands once you get your fencing up. hee!


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