Works In Progress

Shepherd’s Vest, 35%

IMG_1909 (Medium)

Making pretty fast progress on this. Barring any hold-ups, I think I might have it done in a few weeks!

Bobbin Clearing socks, 30%


This yarn is the plied bobbin ends of 2009. Is a nice “ragg wool”-looking sockweight, so I thought I’d turn it into some standard recipe boot socks. Can never have too many good handknit socks.

Toggle Cowl, 100%!


Don’t remember if I ever posted about this while it was in-progress. Started out as a swatch in Leavenworth. The garter stitch was nice and squishy and mindless, and before I knew it, the swatch became a short scarf. Finally got the toggles attached this weekend. It’s all handspun except the dark teal (Lamb’s Pride worsted from the stash)

And this week’s 3 oz.


Nice silky oatmeal-colored Romney I purchased back in Nov. Sophie is doing a bang-up job spinning it nice and fine now that she’s properly adjusted.

(Scotch tension was giving me a bit of trouble recently, until I realized that the groove in the bobbin needed to be smoothed. Had a few burrs that were catching up the cord and preventing the bobbin from taking up correctly. Also replaced the spring with one that has a little more flex. Now we’re in business!)


This is the fiber (shetland and alpaca) I was able to salvage from my SECOND failed dyeing experience with I Dye. It was supposed to be crimson.
Oh well. It makes a pretty decent black cherry-ice cream type shade. But I don’t think I’ll try that stuff a third time.

I probably didn’t get 3 oz spun this week, but I ended up throwing out at least 3-4 oz of accidentally felted alpaca (dyeing mishap).
That counts as stash reduction too, right?


  1. Michelle

    I’d say that vest is closer to 50%! Same with sock #1. No, you haven’t mentioned the cowl before; it’s great! And yes, throwing away fiber (or re-gifting it, or knitting it, or intentionally felting it) counts as stash reduction! Off to spin for a little while….


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