Taking Stock of the Stash

Last weekend, in the spirit of getting everything in order to start the New Year off right, the Man and I undertook a major cleaning and reorganizing of our respective offices.

We swept, and Swiftered.

We sorted and storage-ed (new word).

We preserved and we purged.

It was a great success.

But in the midst of the moving and re-organizing, The Man became aware of the full extent of my wool stash.

And in the heat of the moment, made some sort of general proclamation about “no more wool acquisitions”.  (yes, really. I know.)

Now, to a non-spinner, I can see how the bins and bags and all might seem daunting.

But we’re only talking about 25-30 pounds of wool.

I dare say that this stash is fairly petite compared to those of many fellow spinners.

In fact, I figure that, spinning approximately 3 oz per week (which is totally do-able), this stash would only last me 3 years. And that’s down to the last fiber.

And some of it might not even get spun.

Some of it is probably destined to be felted.

Or gifted

Or experimented on.

(isn’t it seeming more reasonable all the time?)

In fact, to demonstrate my intent to efficiently manage the stash, I have sorted, labeled, weighed and documented the characteristics of all wool that is not yet yarn. It’s in an Excel worksheet. (aren’t you impressed?) 🙂

So I know exactly how much of what I’ve got.

And in the interest of keeping things happy and wool-friendly on the homefront, I’ve resolved to not acquire any more fleece until I’ve used up (or otherwise disposed of) a quarter of what I’ve got, weight wise.

So that’s about 7.25 pounds.

The 2010 stash-buster high-fiber diet!


  1. Michelle

    I live in great fear that somehow Rick will discover MY stash of fiber and yarn, and it will be WWIII! And of course, I have fiber suppliers growing this spring’s clip while I type…. Anyway, I am VERY impressed that you have documented it all. Wanna come do all mine?

  2. Donna

    Only 25-30 pounds! That is nothing. I am up to 2 fiber studios which Tom points out regularly. One for processed “clean” fiber upstairs and one for raw fleeces in our storage trailer. But with my new minispinner I am making much better progress on my spinning and reducing my stash. One roving down, and I have almost finished the second one. So The Man should consider himself lucky.
    Ravelry has helped me to organize my stash. I just took photos of it all and organized it there so hopefully I will be able to attach a stash item to a project more easily.

    • sheepsclothing

      I havent gotten my stuff on Ravelry yet,, but at least it’s all accounted for now. Hopefully that will help with project planning-
      Didn’t know you had a mini-spinner- what do you think of it?

  3. Nancy

    And I thought I was bad with 800+ spools of thread for my sewing! Guess we all have out little excesses!! However, your stash is quite practical, since it clothes you and the man (in great style, to be sure!!) and keeps you cozy and warm too! It also serves as a constant adventure and attraction for Boo Kitty. So many benefits !!

  4. Tina T-P

    I’m lucky – The Shepherd’s stash is bigger than mine and he doesn’t even spin (yet…)

    Hope to see you Saturday – We’ll be at the Burlington Public Library – heck you could whittle down some of that stash in no time. 🙂 T.

  5. Beverly Haase

    Don’t let the man keep you down. Ask to see his camera stash. Pound for pound you come out on top. I gar-on-tee it.

    • sheepsclothing

      So true. The man does have quite a collection of toys and accessories. But we probably shouldn’t go down that road….


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