New Year’s Knittin’ Eve

Someone ought to host a Spinning/Knitting New Year’s Eve party.

Just think how fun it would be to ring in the new year with

good music,

food and drink,

and lots of wool.

Folks could reflect on all the neat projects completed in the past 12 months, and find inspiration to take on new challenges in the coming year.

Maybe they would bring their albatross-like NFOs (“Nevergonnabe Finished Objects”) and offer them up for adoption (one knitters trash….) or surrender them to be ripped out, giving themselves permission to start fresh.

There would be toasts to the shepherds, the shearers, the sheep.

And everyone who makes the craft a joy.

Vows to follow one’s own artistic instincts, and not be cowed by the knitting police, and others that endeavor to curb creative expression.

And spinning. There would be lots of spinning.

Connecting us with the past as we head off into the future.

Hope you all have a very Happy New Years!

(maybe we should start planning for next year’s event)


  1. Michelle

    Well, I finished my Knotty but Nice hat out of my first spindle-spun yarn last night! Would have been fun to be in the company of other knitters/spinners while I was doing it, though.


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