Works in Progress

Project #1: The fencing. With the gates up now I feel like we’re really getting there! Can’t you just imagine little woolly bodies out there chomping away?
Pasture Gates 04-18-09

Project#2: Spinning replacement Border Leicester for Experimental Sweater:
New Spun replacement BL

Project #3: Ted the Bear, minus arms-

Ted the Bear

I’ve made this little bear about 5-6 times now, and it’s a really good pattern. It’s Blue Sky Alpacas’ “Bobbi Bear”, but made with Lamb’s Pride bulky on size 8-9 needles. So instead of turning out almost two feet tall, he is maybe 10 inches high. Also make some other mods to the head, leg and arm shaping.
He’s a real cute little guy once you put some ears and a face on him. Placement of the facial features is the key to making him look friendly and happy. Will post more photos once he’s complete!

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