Fun in the Sun

This weekend we had 2 days of beautiful weather- which means I am almost too pooped to blog. But I had to put up some photos to document the fact that Spring Has Arrived (finally). Some of the things springing up around here—


Peonies 04-09


Rhubarb 0409

((I probably just jinxed us))

Even though the blog has been focused mostly on new fleece acquisitions in recent weeks, I have been getting some knitting in-

Presenting Miami socks and coordinating Tassel Hat (which you’d probably never have a need for in Miami):

Miami Socks and Hat 0409

And Roman Holiday socks:

Italian Sock 0409

Roman Holiday socks are so named because a friend of mine went to Rome in March and brought me back two beautiful balls of Italian 8ply merino superwash wool as a souvenir!

Wool. Always the perfect gift.

Anyway, I carried the Italian wool around with me for a while, trying to figure out how I wanted to use the two colors together, then I just made up what I think is kind of a cool pattern. Here it is a little closer:

Italian Sock close

I almost think I like the wrong side better, though-

Italian Sock insideout

I think they’re going to be pretty schnazzy.

In other news, we did some more work on the fencing this weekend-

Fencing 04-09

And while it is exhausting work,, I’m mighty pleased to be doing it. Each H-brace brings me a little closer to having sheep.

Knit on!


  1. Michelle

    I like the “wrong side” of Roman holiday better, too. And fencing! Yay! There are lots of little Shetlands in the NW just waiting for a loving spinner!

  2. Terri

    I love your fleece pictures! It looks like you do a lot of spinning. One thing to keep in mind is that when you get sheep, it may take away time from “playing” with the fiber. I love the sheep and think the trade off is worth it! Your fences look like they are coming along nicely.


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