Mother Nature Wins, Field trip Cancelled

I thought I was going to Whidbey Island on Satuday.

I even was in the car, heading out (in the snow) when it finally dawned on me that I should call ahead and see if we were still on for the visit at Mutiny Bay Sheep Farm.

Good thing I called.

Winter weather is still upon us, and the mountain passes were pretty ugly this weekend. Turns out the sheep folks weren’t going to make it back from the east side in time for me to visit as planned.

So I did the sensible thing and turned around. Just couldn’t see making the almost 2 hour drive for just the fiber sale,,,, though I did think about it for a long minute or two (as the snowfall kept thickening). The call of the fleece is mighty strong.

I’m going to try and reschedule for sometime next month, hopefully on shearing day! So that might be even better.

And hopefully I will have a Fresian fleece on the way to my door from Gretchen (of Gretchen’s Wool Mill) sometime this week,, so that might satisfy the raw fleece craving for a bit….

Knit on-


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