Inspiration from Unlikely Places

When I’m out in public in cool weather, I am often distracted by people wearing interesting sweaters. Sometimes it’s just a texture or a cable pattern I’m drawn to. Other times it’s a neckline, or a color combination, or another interesting feature, like pockets.

I try to log these things away in my little brain, so that I might call upon them later when I’m planning a project.

I had one of those moments on the bus to work earlier this week

There was a guy sitting across the way, and he had a on what looked to be an old-ish, well worn sweater with a couple of minor holes in it. It was light gray with deep red and creamy white “tips” on the collar and sleeves. Double-thickness shawl collar with the red and white on the inside so it showed when it was folded outward.

Very sporty, yet traditional. I was captivated.

I immediately started thinking of what light gray wool I have in the stash.

Gershom, theĀ  Shetland ram. Very fitting.

IMG_0169 (Medium)

But is there enough left? I’ve been using bits of Gershom for all kinds of things – hats, socks, scarves.

I have some other grayish shetland (actually white with black fibers throughout) that I could probably blend it with. Maybe it would be enough.


I’m tempted to call Betty and reserve Gershom’s 09 fleece.

Something about that red/white/gray combo has really captured my imagination for some reason.


(The red in the photo isn’t quite right, I think, but was the best I could do in a pinch. Looks like I’ll have to take a stab at dyeing something for this venture…. perhaps overdying the gray? What do you think?)

BTW- Next weekend is my field trip to Mutiny Bay Farm in on Whidbey Island. Stand by for Black Welsh Mountain sheep!

Denise out-


  1. Jen

    Hi – I’m usually not good at color, but the red would be nice if were more heathery. I think your idea of dying a grey made from black and white fibers – to red would look wonderful. Really pretty spinning of the grey shetland, I love it!


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