She’s Come Unspun-

I got the new issue of Spin-Off this week (thanks, Mom), and was pouring over it when I came across an interesting article about knitting with unspun, pre-drafted rolags.

And lo and behold,, I just happened to have a pile of rolags handy,

blended rolags

as I am experimenting with blending fibers to achieve a tweedy-type of effect. So I thought I would give it a try.

It’s kind of a delicate business, and you can’t put any tension on the wool while you’re knitting it or it will come right apart. But the results are pretty cool. Very light and lofty.

unspun swatch

It is really soft, and would make a wonderful scarf. Two unspun rolags made a knitted swatch the same size as 4 rolags that I spun and chain-plied:

najavo plied swatch

The raw materials for the blend are a kind of hairy oatmeal-colored shetland roving,

kinda hairy shetland

dark brown Romney,

flicked out romney

and dribs and drabs of those dyed border leicester locks I bought last weekend. (A little goes a long way with those bright colors!)

flashes of color

Don’t know what inspired me to throw them all together,, but I’m liking the results so far!

Knit on-



  1. Mom

    Amazing! Your creativity goes off in a whole new direction. Love reading the blog so I know where you are going with this. Keep it up favorite daughter!!


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