Wirlwind Weekend

Where did the time go?

Saturday was the Country Living Expo down in Stanwood. I went early to help with registration, so it was kind of a long day. But it’s always a lot of fun.¬† and lots of fiber folks represented amongst the vendors and the classes offered. I learned about milking sheep from Gretchen, trimming hooves and shearing from Amy, plus raising fiber goats, making cider, and building organic soil fertility.

I forgot to take my camera, so you don’t get to see the silly angora wether getting his feet tended to. Oh well.

I went with only a couple of bucks in my pocket (to suppress fiber buying urges),, but managed to come away with a little bit of something to play with-

IMG_0530 (Medium)cropped

Just a few ounces of border leicester¬† in rich jewel tones (since I don’ do much dying myself). The photo really doesn’t do the colors justice,, but you get the idea.

Was tempted by some targee, but I didn’t have enough cash on-hand to by it (see, I guess the strategy worked, eh?)

Being gone all yesterday of course meant that today it was mostly about playing catchup on housework. And so it goes.

I have to go play with my wool now.

Denise out.

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  1. Tina T-P

    Sounds like you had a great time. I don’t do any dying either, so finding pretty stuff like that is always a treat! Hope you have a good time with it. T.


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