Sock of Destiny?

I was going to get something started this weekend. A sweater, perhaps.

Goodness knows I have enough lovingly hand-spun yarn hanging around to cast on for a large project.

But I am still lacking the mental energy and creative clarity required to cast on for a sweater or vest -anything that will require structure and adherence to a general sizing scheme.

Maybe this is because I’ve already got something invested in the yarn- my time and energy, and I don’t want to waste all that scrumptious wool on a so-so project.

Or maybe I’m just being lazy.

But, I’ve got a pretty good sock thing going right now, so I might ride this for a while- until the clouds part and I can find my way.

So, here is the new time-filling, yarn-using-up sock:

Defaulted Into Another Sock

Don’t get me wrong. I really like this sock. It has a lot of things going for it: the tiny cables, Denise’s special modified-band heel, the sofy, squishy hand-spun romney yarn. I’m enjoying knitting it.

It’s just not what I thought I’d be doing.  This is so often the case. A new sweater adventure seems very grand compared to a lowly sock. But that’s where I’m at.

The sock is my destiny.

For now.

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