Unmatched Pair= 2 FOs in One.

Though I haven’t been doing an awful lot of knitting lately, I did finally get sock #2 done.

And I continue to be very pleased with my new approach to sock knitting. Knitting sock #2 was really kind of nice because I felt free to mix it up a little, and be more adventurous with my striping scheme. I followed the same general plan as sock #1, so they would be compatible, but I found that each one developed it’s own personality.

Here is the pair, all washed up and ready for the world:

Unmatched Socks

I like each one in a different way, and I think that’s good. I might just follow this path a little longer and see where it leads.

But I do feel the need to embark on another larger project (sweater, vest, shawl, or something). I quick trip to the stash turned up the following candidates who look like they could work together in a constructive and creative way-

New Project Materials?

I do love those blues… The are (left to right): shetland, shetland (double coated type- almost like icelandic) and a merino cross of some sort. All local, and acquired directly from the shepherds ( I think that’s cool). If I can dig up (or spin up) a little more of one of these, I think I’ve got the makings of a vest.

I gotta get something in the works. ‘Tis a hard thing to be between projects!


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