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Vintage Handspun Mood


Ok, not quite done. Still needs a button or some kind of little closure thingee.


But it’s knitted, washed, blocked, and dried.
So, about 99.5% done.

And I think it’s really cute.
But I’m not really in the right mood to model anything right now.

(Sorry. It’s a lazy, schlumpy kind of Sunday night)

So now I have to decide if I want to knit another one while it’s still fresh in my mind, or shift gears and do something completely different!

And I have to decide fast,
Because I hate being without something to knit on breaks, and on the bus and such.
Knitting is sometimes the only thing that keeps be from losing my mind while using public transportation.

Powerful medicine for the bus commute.

2 Skeins?


or 4?

Better take 4.
Mondays can be tough.