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Visions of Sugarplums and such

So, I rode down to the Whidbey Weaver’s Guild Spin-In with Juliet, with the vague hope that someone might have a pair of used combs for sale. Took the checkbook just in case.

There were all kinds of great vendors there- fiber galore- tools too! But only saw a pair of single row combs for sale. Not exactly what I wanted. I exercised restraint.

I cruised the used goods table. There were some older, interesting wheels for sale and some other miscellany (swifts, yarn winders, etc), but no combs. Oh well, I thought. ‘Tis not meant to be.

We were having a great time, hanging out, talking, spinning, lusting after all the fabulous goods that were being offered. The talk by Judith McKenzie-McCuin started a little late, but I don’t think anyone minded (the wool fumes were very stong). She gave a great talk about Bison, and bison fiber. And at some point while she was talking, someone walked over to the used goods table and set out another item. Something in a wooden caddy. (I didn’t even see it happen at first. Juliet alerted me to this development with much pointing and excited whispering)

I casually strolled over to the table to scope them out. The little card said they were Alvin Ramer “Super Mini Combs”. This didn’t mean anything to me, but they looked well-made. 2 pitch, medium sized combs- larger than minis, but a little smaller than the vikings or full-sized english combs. With a nice wooden carrying case that has a built-in holder to lock one comb in place . All self-contained. Neat, eh?
Alvin Ramer combs

I wrote the check, and now they are mine.
Alvin Ramer Combs2-recentered

Denise is such a happy girl.

She finally has her combs.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!