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Shades of Edgar

I was doing a little housekeeping (gasp!) up in the wool room yesterday, and came across a bag of fleece that I’d forgotten I had.


Yep. That’s fall fleece from a yearling Edgar. And look at the color!
I’d almost forgotten how dark his fleece was when he was a young-un.

Here it is carded up, and side-by-side with a sample of his fleece from this past spring


Amazing how he’s faded out over the last 5 years, isn’t it?
I just figured that it was normal aging, and kind of like how the lighter color looks overdyed, so didn’t think a lot about it.

But check this out.
This is Edgar fleece this fall.


It looks like he’s regaining some of that lost color. Not reddish-brown like he was as a baby, but definitely brown.
I’m wondering if it might be a result of changing the mineral that I’m giving them, as I started that in probably February-March.