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Scenes from a September Weekend

Stumpy announcing his presence

Dottie and Edgar showing off their Fall partial haircuts

And Denise learning a new skill!

Oh Norwegian Purl, where have you been all my life!? ­čÖé Can’t wait to try it out on some corrugated ribbing.

And, I am really close to finishing the Tomato Bisque cowl (maybe 90%).


I think that is probably the closest I have come to accurately capturing the color of the yarn.
September light seems to suit it!

Chicken Playpen

This weekend the little chigs graduated from their box in the shop to a playpen under the eaves of our big old dilapidated  chicken house.

2016-03-19 10.33.34

It’s a pretty sweet little setup, with lot of room for them to run around and flap and hop, all securely closed up with chicken wire, and bedded with pine shavings.

They still have a big box with their heat lamp to come home to and stay toasty, and it seems that they are getting acclimated to the new surroundings pretty quickly. And when it gets dark, it looks like there’s a party going on in there! (I put a big chunk of gnarly wood there on the left, just because they like jumping on top of stuff)


In sheepy news, I got a little more Edgar shearing done- I’m back to his hips now ­čÖé


The rest of the boys seemed kind of curious about getting sheared,  milling about at the entrance to the shed-

2016-03-19 16.43.48

But of the remaining four, I was only able to convince Chone to let me clean up around his neck a little.


Now he can get good neck rubs. That’s all he really cares about


Have a great week!

Walk-ins Welcome

Scenes from the beautyshop





Shearing Edgar is always fun.
I sit on a rock, and he casually saunters over.
I let him sniff the shears and ask him if he wants a little off the top.
I usually start right behind the ears, carefully opening up a pathway through his lovely lanolin-y wool.

Once I’ve got the back of his neck uncovered, I give him a little massage.
I think the massage is why he likes getting sheared so much- that and feeling the spring air on his skin for the first time in many months.

I slowly work my way back over his shoulders and down around his chest. (more massage)
He occasionally gets fidgety and needs to take a little break, so I try to not have too much wool hanging off of him at any point. I pull it off and collect it in my muck-bucket as I go.

We always and up doing the haircut in stages. Stage one is the Mullet.
Business in the front, Party in the back.
His nicest wool is on the front end, so I’m fine with letting him hang out for a while in Mullet Mode.

None of the other guys are quite so eager for me to take the shears to them, so they’ll need to be haltered.
But it’s always nice kick off shearing season with my buddy Edgar.

I also wanted to mention the the ChickieCam is back!
Chicks are just over a week old now and getting some of their big-girl feathers in. Super cute.

Meet Skye!


Skye is a sweet handsome golden retreiver/white shepherd boy, and he just moved out here to the boonies to live with us on Thursday night.

He’s been pretty busy the last few days, checking the perimeter-


frolicking with Sadie-


meeting the sheep-


and checking out the best comfy spots in the house-


He’s still pretty excited about the sheep and chickens, but I think that will subside once they are not such a novelty.

And speaking of sheeps, we have begun to extending the entrance to the sheep shed-


the hope is that a smaller, lighter gate out a little further will make it easier to catch the little buggers inside.

I sure hope it works,
‘Cause the sheeps are wise to all my other tricks!


(that’s Edgar’s wise look)