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Scenes from a November weekend

It was good weekend.

Here are some of the highlights:

More Border Leicester, this time navajo plied:

IMG_0351 (Medium)

Finding ways to use and keep apples:

IMG_0345 (Medium)

IMG_0343 (Medium)

Leg of lamb:

IMG_0341 (Medium)

Parsnips from the garden:

IMG_0353 (Medium)

Having finished the knitting of the Oregon vest, I’m now officially “between projects” again.


Better get something going, or it’ll be a mighty long week.

Sheep to Swatch

Introducing the latest addition to my fiber stash:

IMG_0316 (Medium)


IMG_0317 (Medium)

I’m always anxious to see how a new fleece is going to spin up, so I just grabbed a couple handfuls and gave it a go-

Flicked out:

IMG_0321 (Medium)

To be spun in the grease, from the fold:

IMG_0323 (Medium)

IMG_0322 (Medium)

IMG_0324 (Medium)

IMG_0326 (Medium)

Plied (but still greasy):

IMG_0330 (Medium)

Then to the bath (which is this case is an old peanut butter jar)!

IMG_0333 (Medium)

All washed up:

IMG_0337 (Medium)

And on the needles:

IMG_0339 (Medium)

Ta Da!

I love swatching.

Adventures in Fencing, etc.

This weekend we took our first steps in fixing the perimeter fencing on our property.

Before- the Short and Schlumpy fencing:

Old Schlumpy Fence

And After- the Tall and Tidy fencing:

New Fence2

New Fence1

And here I am between the before and after, digging post holes the old-fashioned way. We have since decided we’re going to need an auger attachment for the tractor. The old-fashioned way sure is good exercise, but takes an awfully long time.

Master Post Hole Digger

And in other news, the Oregon vest is coming right along. Back and one front side done. Did a quick trial assembly and steaming to test the sizing,, and I think we’re in good shape.

Oregon Vest 11-02-08

The pockets are knit with the back of the vest, and then sewn in against each front side, leaving part of each side seam open for the pocket entry.  Neat, eh?

IMG_0313 (Medium)

Anyway, I only have this much yarn left, and one more front side to go, so I’d better get spinning-

IMG_0314 (Medium)

Gotta get this stuff plied and off the bobbins because Wednesday I’m going to a Comprehensive Spinning workshop with Judith McKenzie McCuin up in Bellingham. Then to top it off, Saturday is a fleece sale at Jonassons farm in Burlington.

Now that’s a good wool week!