The Take


Isn’t she lovely?

Here she is again:


A soft and silky pile pf taupey, woolly goodness.

There were a lot of really nice dark fleeces there-


And beautiful mohair-


All kinds of good stuff. And coffee and cider to boot!

It’s always a nice sale.

In other news, I am a few short rows away from closure on the Zauberball socks!


And am still waiting to get Sophie’ flyer and bobbins back from Ron.
It hasn’t been that long- I’m just anxious to have her back together. She looks kinda forlorn with her parts missing-


(But maybe that’s just because she’s hanging out by the cello, who hasn’t seen much use in recent years.)


    • sheepsclothing

      I think it’s Romney, though it might be a cross. I didn’t get the tag with it, because I only took half the fleece- I think the seller kept the tag with the rest.
      I know what you mean about mohair. I only discovered the really good (kid) stuff earlier this year. It is fabulous-


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