Local Color

In the garden- poppies- putting on quite a show this year-

beautiful purple cabbages!

German chamomile harvested and drying

Calendulas need picking

Agastache, chamomile, anise hyssop melange for my pollinator friends

(not) Pink (yet) German

Jaune Flamme

Unconsciously mirrored in wool this week-

Funny how that works out 😉

Also did a little bit of felting, and wanted to share that I’ve identified yet another re-use for feed bags. They make great storage for wool in the pre-felting stage. For a lightweight felt sheet I lay down four very fine layers of carded wool in opposing directions on top of one section the opened bag, then fold over the remaining material and roll it into a tube.

Then I slip a rubber band around the roll, and my wool stays organized and easy to store until I’m ready to get out my high tech felting setup (yoga mat, bubble wrap, chiffon fabric, PVC, shoelace) and do the hot water and rolling routine. I find that it’s much more manageable in stages.

Something so satisfying about farm fresh felt 🙂

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