Stranding and Spindling

First the stranding- as in colorwork. The continuing adventure of the swatch that decided to be a vest.

I have completed the armhole shaping

and still working decreases to shape the vneck on the other side

Kind of winging it- and have made a couple of rookie mistakes along the way, but I think I’m on track now. Probably have about 4 more inches to go to the shoulder line cast off.

I’ve also been thinking about what I might do for the back of the garment. The current plan is to re-use an old mohair sweater that has been languishing in the closet. Sleeves and front are damaged, but the back is intact, so I carefully dissected it-

I couldn’t get the color quite right in the photo. It’s a little cooler and mintier than that in real life. I’m feeling like it might be just the right quirky thing for this project.

I haven’t made that much knitting progress this week, as I was a bit distracted by the spindle wheel, which emerged from recent obscurity to inspire me again. This week’s spins-

Those are different shades of Bond wool (thanks Donna!) on the right, and grey from last summer’s free fleece haul on the left. The Bond I spun on the spindle wheel, but chain plied on my E-spinner. The Grey I’d spun last week on the spindle wheel (practicing my flip),,, and then it occurred to me the other day that I should see how the spindle worked for plying.

It was great, actually. I was able to load about 4 ounces of plied yarn on the spindle- more capacity of any of my bobbins. And it adds twist very quickly (ratio of about 25:1). Very successful experiment!

I continue to make sporadic progress on shearing, but Daphne and Dottie are on to me, and pretty savvy about not getting corralled in the shed. Might have to change up tactics.

Have a good week folks-

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