Tis done! and in pretty much record time for me- just over a month. I’m not a very fast knitter, but this one came together quickly. Only minor modifications- lengthened it a smidge, and also deepened the armscythes. I’m very happy with the fit. It’s comfy through the shoulders and upper back, hanging nicely when not buttoned.

It works well and is quite cozy when buttoned up, but I think my lowest button placement might need to be adjusted. just a little bit off. Anyway- I’m feeling pretty good about having recycled the Autumn’s end project into something that I know I will wear.

With Griff’s Smokeshow off the needles, I’ve turned to finishing up a couple other things that had been set aside some time ago- first up, odds and ends socks

The blue/white is Zauberball, and the orange is mystery sockyarn (lost the label) from the stash. Decided to pull in another type of Zauberball leftovers for the toes because I didn’t think I’d have enough orange for both feet.

And, in a recent minor re-org of the wool room unearthed a project that I’d completely lost track of- argyle zauberball socks!

Quick search of the blog tells me that I last worked on them in Oct of 2018. And I’d forgotten that they were this close to being done. If they really only need seaming and end-tucking, then this should be an easy win. I might also need to go back and add a little bit of length in the foot, as they look a little bit short. But it will be so nice to have another pair of argyles in the sock rotation.

Still wet and chilly here, but I’m finally getting some germination on my tomatoes. Might need to start another wave of peppers and eggplants, tho. Those peps just don’t have any tolerance for cold gray weather. I get that. I’m dreaming of spring and sunshine as well.


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