Another Expo in the Books

Yesterday I was down at the 2024 WSU Country Living Expo ’24 in Stanwood, teaching a Wool Processing class to a great group of fiber-curious folks. As I mentioned to attendees, class materials and video resources that I developed a couple years ago for the zoom version of the course are available here.

Once I was done teaching, I enjoyed some lunch, and then hit the trade show and found some local goodies to bring home-

That’s 4 oz of Tunis wool roving from Fuzzy Britches Fiber in Stanwood, and 3 lbs of blackberry honey from Bruce Bowen Bees in Mount Vernon.

Also picked up a silly T-shirt from Hazel Blue Acres in Arlington.

They had these shirts made for a 5 K they hosted at their farm last year, and I just thought the little jogging blueberry guy was super cute.

Later in the afternoon, I pulled out a spinning wheel (Sophie, the trusty traveller) and hosted a mini spin-in kind of thing in a corner of the gym, adjacent to the trade show. Was just a few of us there, but we generated a fair bit of interest, and it was nice to spin and chat for a while. I’d brought some fun, blendy batts which resulted in these two pretty skeins

And with that, Expo ’24 is a wrap! Thanks to everyone who came out. It’s always a lot of fun 🙂


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