Fruits and Labors

It’s funny how mostly people speak of “fruits of our labors”, with fruits always being the result.

I suspect that if more folks had fruit trees they would more commonly say “labors of our fruits”.

This time of year when the trees are are finishing their work, it’s time for us to get down to the business of laboring over the fruit harvest. But we’re happy to have it!

Apples have started to drop, so I picked some today. But then I ran out of bins and boxes to put them in.

Pears have been picked over the last week, and have reached peak ripeness, after which they don’t last long. The Man has been busy drying

and also making Spicy Pear Butter

Also making progress on the Shepherd’s new vest.

Harvested a little fall fleece from Fiona the other day- just around the neck and shoulders. I’m excited to see that her fleece appears to be improving with age (that seems to be a theme with the two Icelandic girls) but it wasn’t as long as I expected (more of the bulk turned out to be the girl herself!).

More floof, less scritch. Nice.


    • denisemor

      yep. big year for apples it seems. even our decrepit old red delicious has a bunch of fruit. i think the sheep are the only ones who will eat those-


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