Return of the Heat

Feelin’ it here today. 89.8F

Was really lovely this morning, before the heat started to mount. Did a little yoga by the apple tree and was inspired to snap a few photos of garden details

Despite the degrees, wool work continues apace 🙂

4th (and hopefully final) reknitting of JUiST neckline is complete.

Although I’m pretty sure that with this most recent revision to the shoulder shaping I can’t really call it JUiST anymore. So it’s now adJUiSTed. Neckline and hem have just been soaked and are now drying/blocking to manage the roll of the edges.

Finished up what I think will be the last bobbin of Octavia yarn for The Shepherd’s latest vest project-

Now that adJUiSTed is off the needles, I can get it going in earnest. Going to use the same twisted stitch pattern as my SuperGreen sweater, and hopefully the three-ply will give it a really nice refined finish.

And I decided to do another small batch of sheep puppets, since I had the felt onhand.

I have to admit I had kind of missed these guys. So cute. Hopefully they’ll all have their hairdos and other embellishments by next weekend’s Sunday Market.

I’ll sign off with this short clip of Tiny Gus basking in the late summer sunshine (with Yella and Speck cameos)


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna. current sweater has been a bit more complicated than I expected, but I think i’ve finally got a good result!


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