Squishy Squishy Spring

Still raining here.

Thankfully seedlings are still tucked in safe in the hoophouse.

Tomatoes are all off heat since last weekend and seem to have made the transition well. Looking stocky and strong

Peppers and eggplants are still on heat mats, and are finally starting to really make some gains

Probably won’t have any extra peps or eggplants this year, but at least some of them made it through the cold weather. I did start some extras a couple (few?) weeks ago, but they are quite a ways behind.

While I was out in the hoophouse repotting some flower starts a flash of silver drew my eye to a tray of garlic sprouts- a poppy volunteer holding a sparkly pool of water

A molten gem on a grey day.

But Grey can be gorgeous, too- as demonstrated by Dottie

Carded and spun another batch of the girl’s 2022 fleece this week- another 8.8 oz of soft and lofty singles.

If I can keep up the pace, I should have it done in another two weeks, and will have a sweater-sized project worth of yarn (probably 1.5-2 lbs total). The singles should be pretty versatile. I expect one strand will knit up quite light but strong, but could be held double for a thicker fabric. Might do some sampling this week.

Going to be a beautiful batch!


  1. Donna Schoonover

    You are way ahead of me in the garden of course. I have started the tomatoes and peppers in the house as we are having electrical issues getting it to the greenhouse. But Cassidy are one of my tomato starts yesterday so that isn’t good. I love Dottie’s fleece. Sounds like a nice spin.

    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- I love Dottie’s fleece too. she’s got a ton of wool on her right now, but has been so elusive- always the first one out of the shed in the morning. She knows I’m looking to lay hands on her!


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