Heather and Sunshine

Mighty gray and rainy outside this weekend, so rather than prune the Big Apple, I decided to create a more pleasing palette, with the help of the fiber stash.

I dove into my bags and bins of dyed wools, and pulled out a bunch of energizing shades-

from upper left: Citron, Blood Orange, Deep Water (Abundant Earth Wool Tinctures) on Esther and Violet on Border Leicester purchased from Jonasson Farm a few years back.

I love love love that violet color, and thought it would make a beautiful base color for a heathery mix of different hues. A few passes through the drum carder resulted in a blend that was so fun to spin- just watching the different shades pass through my fingers was a tonic.

I spun the singles on Mighty Red (who might be on the verge of getting a new name. I’m almost there). She’s got some good energy. Such a smooth and easy spinner.

I decided to make this a two-ply, and only have the one original bobbin for MR, so had to wind off onto storage bobbins. Sophie was happy to help out with that bit-

I remove her bobbin brake, and move the driveband over to drive the bobbin to use her as a winder. So now I’ve got two Sophie bobbins of Violet Heather singles ready to ply

I was so pleased with the result that I went back to the drum carder to whip up another batch- the same colors in different proportions

Sunshine with a side of blue sky, and dashes of infrared and ultraviolet getting all melty on the drum carder.

I think these two are going to coordinate fabulously

Perhaps in a sweater project?

Hmmmm. Something to think on this week.

Ps. Special thanks to The Man for shooting my the video clips for this post 🙂


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- I love the purplish mix too, tho finding it hard to capture the color accurately in a photo. will hopefully have the complementary shade spun and plied by next week!


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