Still January

But just barely 🙂

February will mean pruning fruit trees and roses, and starting garden seeds.

But in January, while things are still dormant, I have an opportunity to push back against the blackberries.

I’ll never manage to eradicate them from our property, but I try to at least set them back a bit each winter, because it’s amazing how huge they can grow in just one season.

Beautiful blackberry-pulling weather here this weekend. Sunny and cool. I made quite a bit of progress.

Now its just wisteria and salmonberry duking it out along the back fence. If I didn’t intervene, who do you think would win the territory battle? Worthy adversaries, I’d say.

(oh hey! there’s some sheeps in the background there- hi sheeps!)

In wool news, I’ve got a new hat-of-the week, again with a new motif from the Alterknits book

Not quite done and dusted, as I played yarn chicken and and came up short, so had to rework the last couple rounds. Another strong pattern contender, tho- and easier to memorize than the one a couple weeks back.

And I’ve been playing at the carder again, blending up some pretty batts to get me back behind the wheel(s)

The ones on the left are multi on a grey base, and the one on the right is on white. Sunshine and shadow.

So that’s about it here- oh, except that I got a menacing message through my contact form from someone who claims to have hacked my site and downloaded the database. Apparently if I don’t pay them a bunch of bitcoin within 72 hours bad things will happen. I think it’s BS, but if FullyFleeced is down on Wed, (after their compliance deadline) I guess we’ll know I was wrong, eh? At least I’ve got a backup.

Have a great week everyone! 🙂


  1. Donna Schoonover

    You took a different approach than me. I chose to prune first and then attack the blackberries. There are quite a few buds already on the cherries. I was surprised. But next will be the thorny menaces. I hope you are still here on Wednesday!


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