Off to a Good Start

Hey y’all. Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2023.

I always consider it a good new years day if I can spend some of it outside doing garden stuff.

Earlier this week we got our garden seed order from Baker Creek, and it’s gotten me really motivated!

Super excited about some of the things we’ve going to try this year- here’s the list

Still have squash, peas, beans and many other things from last year, so focused on getting some new interesting varieties of tomatoes, melons, peppers, etc.

And today if was not freezing, and not raining, so seemed like a perfect opportunity to get the rest of the garden bed extension dug and amended!

Also planted a couple of little rhody offshoots that have been hanging out in pots for the last year or so.

Hopefully they will get established and eventually start to fill the gap in the rhody wall that was left when that purple variety gave up the ghost. These guys are white, so will bring a different look to their space in the rhody forest.

And,,, in woolly news, weaving is coming along- been working in a chevron type twill pattern. I just love to watch the play of the colors against each other.

And, I’ve worked up a couple pairs of fingerless gloves. This was driven by a special request from someone at the Alger holiday market a few weeks back. I had some fingerless mitts available that day, but they were interested in something that had separation of the fingers.

I generally don’t make that type, just because they are more fiddly (working small diameter rounds on DPNs, lots of yarn ends, etc.) I kept thinking that there must be a better way to approach it. And I’m pleased to report that I finally figured it out. Don’t want to dive into the weeds on this post, but it you can check out the details on Ravelry if you’re interested.

Worked at a fairly firm gauge they are cozy and practical Workin’ Mitts.

Have a great week everyone 🙂

Oh hey- almost forgot to mention, I finally figured out how to set up a “subscribe via email” function for the blog. So if you’re interested in having posts sent straight to your inbox, you can find the sign-up form at the bottom of the Contact page


    • denisemor

      Hi Michelle- yeah, that’s why i didn’t want to go into it in the post. It’s actually not hard to do, just kind of hard to explain!


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