Homegrown Holiday

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Alger Holiday market today!

It was fun to see folks and talk wool, and I got some spinning done as well- took my little upright wheel, Sophie with and almost filled a bobbin

Been a long time since Sophie had gotten some exercise, so she seemed happy to be back in action.

And speaking of wool processing and spinning, the WSU Country Living Expo is back to in-person classes this year, and will be held Saturday, January 21 at Stanwood high school.

I’ll be teaching two two-hour classes, Basics of Wool Processing (sessions 115 and 200) and Yarn From Scratch: Handspinning on a Wheel (sessions 513 and 613).

If you have a wheel (or can acquire one) and need help getting started, come on down. I’ll have some time available ahead of the afternoon classes to do some basic wheel adjustments and troubleshooting.

Ok, gotta get back to my cookie baking!

Have a good week folks 🙂


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- was good to see you and Tom there and hear about the wool mill open house. Was a good day for hats and cowls- enough chill in the air to make folks appreciate cozy accessories 🙂


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