Mending Fences & Sweater Progress

This morning I helped The Man with an item from the To Do list- re-tensioning the wire cross-bracing on our pasture fence. These wires take a lot of abuse from the sheeps, who like to lean in on them and do their scritching, and eventually end up coated in stray wool fibers like so

Being wrapped in gunky felted wool isn’t a big deal, but they tend to make the wires slack over time, which defeats the purpose. Here is a picture of our lovely, new well-tensioned wire

and the gang of sweet sheepy culprits who will no doubt start rubbing their booties against it as soon as our backs are turned. 🙂

In Marjolaine sweater news, sleeving is believing!

and the sleeve colorwork detail-

It’s really coming together! Hoping to have a matching second sleeve finished in a few says.

Then when the cool, rainy weather finally comes (forecast is saying end of this week?) it’ll be ready to wear.

Can’t wait some good PNW precip to clear the smoke from the air.


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