Waning Days of Summer

This morning I spent a little time just hanging in the hoophouse- drinking my coffee, finishing up a hat, and picking veggies.

Also, noticed that the first of my sheepnose peps is turning red! Can’t wait to taste test those guys.

And The Man is busy canning the roma tomatoes that are coming on fast.

Today, over on the pasture side, we’ve been busy planning ahead for winter weather.

This year we’re trying a new scheme for keeping rain and snow out of the sheep and chicken shed- utilizing materials leftover from the hoophouse build in 2020

Should be a significant improvement over the tarps we’ve used in the past, and make keeping the place dry and comfy easier over the winter months.

Hopefully we’ll get a few more warms days yet to get my melons across the finish line, but cool and foggy mornings are a clear sign that wool weather is coming.

Here is that new hat just washed up and sun-dried. This hat is actually an audition for these two yarns- the silver gray is Dottie- and the black might be Chone, but I’m not quite sure.

I’m really happy with the feel of the fabric, and i think that the gauge is pretty close, so looks like I’ll be moving forward with these two in a new sweater project! Marjolaine, by Elenor Mortsensen

Super excited to get a sweater project on the needles!


    • denisemor

      thanks Michelle- yep, he’s been doing pickles, jams, tomatoes and pears so far. really glad that the supply chain on canning lids seems to have gotten straightened out.


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