Garden Update

Running a little behind this year, due to cool and rainy weather, but we’re moving ahead armed with slug bait and plant protectors.

Since I got liftoff on the beans this past week, I had to decide how/where I was going to grow them. I don’t really have poles for the pole beans, so I decided to grow them in pots in the hoophouse and trellis them up.

Trying something new with pots this year- using waste wool in the bottom of for fertilizer/drainage.

So the beans are launched. Here’s hoping they like the spot I’ve chosen for them.

The tomatillo plant seems to be in it’s happy place-

Other scenes from the hoophouse-

Big tomatoes (planted out mid-May)

smaller maters (planted out just a week or so ago)

(with jalape├▒os and sheepnose pimento peppers still standing by in pots)


Blot peppers



some volunteer dill that I’ve been nurturing

and a gimpy chicken doing her physical therapy

Have a good week folks! ­čÖé


  1. Donna

    We have lots of bamboo that we use for bean poles. You are welcome to them. We have lots of bamboo here. We were just talking about how we need to cut more down as they are growing into a some of our fruit trees. I love the P.T. for the chicken. I hope it helps. Things are just now starting to look up here too after a bleak spring. And I love the wool in the pots idea. I will need to do that.

    • denisemor

      Sorry for the late reply- Thanks for the offer, but I found that I had some long planks that will serve well as bean poles. So excited that I finally got the beans going!


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