Bring on the Spring

Happy Spring Equinox everyone!

It’s kinda cool and drippy here, but things feel a lot spring-ier in the hoophouse with the little seedlings making good progress.

Tiny ‘maters are just starting to grow their first true leaves! Such sweet little ‘mater babies.

And I’m continuing to stretch my color palette- this week adding a few more green shades, a juicy orange,

and one that reminds me of dryer lint 🙂 (drum carder remnants blended into a tweedy, vaguely purple-y hue)

And, I had a chance this week to play with a bit of a rare breed wool that I picked up recently at NW Yarns in Bellingham- Manx Loaghtan

Spin notes: spun singles from the fold on Elsa (larger whorl), chain plied on Moto (speed 3.5) 2 oz., approx 83 yds

Was fun to try a new wool- and I’m happy with the result. Toothsome, but cushy and with a bit of bounce. I expected the staple to be a bit longer- I think that this was maybe 3″ max , and the feel of the fiber was quite dry, but perhaps that’s down to the processing. I’d be really interested to get some fleece and see how it works up start to finish.

The other rare breed sample I picked up is Zwartbles. Think I’ll spin it up in the same style, and perhaps use the two together in a small project.

Alrighty folks- take care, and be excellent to each other.


  1. Donna

    I am loving your tomato starts, ahead of mine. Those colors are gorgeous and the Manx Laughtan looks lovely. Thanks for my wooly presents. I will spin them soon!

    • denisemor

      what kind of tomatoes are you starting this year? I’ll have extras, and would be happy to trade if you want to diversify-


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