This, That, and The Other

Little bit of everything this week.

First off- finally got a picture of Daphne’s interesting hairdo. Has anyone ever seen this sort of thing on a sheep before? (rear end)

I don’t remember her fleece doing this last year. Kind of a weird springy guard hair halo. It’s coarse, but very springy.

Daphne is a unique character, that’s for sure.

Next, wool off the hoof- this is the Cali fleece I got flicked out while at the market last Sunday-

It’s a smooth and easy spin- and wants to be quite fine. I’m doing the singles on Moto (speed setting 5), and planning to do a three-ply finished yarn that comes out to about a sport weight. (playing at speed 4)

swatching out at 6 st/in, 8.5 rows/inch

also decided to turn some blended batts into chunky unspun hats

And am taking another shot at rooting some cuttings from the garden. Sadly, last year’s rhody cuttings didn’t take, and that long-suffering shrub finally gave up the ghost this year 🙁 So I lost that round, but I’m back at it with roses.

Took 5 semi-hardwood cuttings from my favorite rose, St. Cecilia, and popped them in little makeshift cloches this morning

I really should have used sterile seed starter mix, but I didn’t have any at hand, and the urge to act was strong, so I just used potting soil. Here’s hoping i get at least one to root (fingers crossed). She’s a lovely rose, with an amazing scent, but for some reason doesn’t seem to be available anymore.

And here are some of the last roses of the season, collected just before it started raining yesterday


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