Give Fleece a Chance

Today a fellow vendor at the Alger Sunday Market offered me a mystery fleece.

Been a while since I’ve taken in a stray, but you know me- always willing to give fleece a chance πŸ™‚

It came to me straight off the sheep, and stuffed in a black plastic garbage bag.

Was really heavy, so I figured it might either be damp, or have a lot of dung tags. But after a bit of skirting and sorting, there was still a whole lot of it. A mountain of greasy fleece.

Didn’t weigh it, but I’m thinking 8-10 pounds? Lots of dirt and grease in there.

But it looks quite promising. Nice staple length, shades of gray, and a Romney-ish crimp

Seemed like it might be a little damp, so didn’t want to delay in getting it cleaned up.

For now the newcomer is relaxing in a cool bath.

Hopefully will have a chance to hot wash a batch tomorrow. I do love to sample new fiber.

Was nice to see so many folks come out for the market today despite the rain.

And thank goodness there was interest in eggs- the girls are laying over a dozen a day right now!

Have a good week everyone πŸ™‚


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