Where the Wool’d Things Are

Happy Solstice, folks! Summer is here 🙂

Got a bunch of wool stuff done this week-

Daphne and Dottie fleeces washed-

So that’s all this year’s fleeces washed up, which is super cool.

And, I did some felting. I was going to try and document my process for the blog, but just getting the felt made really took it out of me. Maybe I need to refine my method so it’s not so hard on the back. As it stands, it involves a lot of kneading and rolling and patting and rubbing while bent over our picnic table.

Anyway, I was very pleased with the results- 4 fine layers of carded wool makes for a nice lightweight, flexible fabric that should work well for making sheep puppets.

From left to right- Dottie (dark), Esther, Dottie (light), Daphne, Edgar, more Esther

Also this week I had a vet out to see Felix for his arthritis. He’s been having trouble with his knees for a while, and I wanted to get him something to help keep him comfortable and mobile for as long as possible. So I’ve got him on Meloxicam now. I think it is helping some, but so far not as much as the Rimadyl did when I had him on that a few weeks back (trial with leftover chewables from dear departed Sadie pup). Maybe it takes a while to get the inflammation down? At least I can slip him the pills pretty easily with his alfalfa pellets.

Alrighty- that’s all I’ve got for now. Have good week everyone-


    • denisemor

      thanks Donna- unfortunately not seeing much improvement on the Meloxicam yet. might need to try something else. vet indicated that there are a number of different meds that might be helpful, so hoping we can find something that works for him.


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