Can You Dig It?

Yeah, I can dig it, man.

But it wears me out more that it used to. Whew!

No footage of the digging, and the subsequent soil sifting and rock hauling. While necessary, it is not a particularly photogenic activity. And we’re anxious to put that behind us. So lets skip to the planting!

So far, I’ve got cucumbers, melons, okra, and two kinds of tomatoes in the ground in the hoophouse. The tomato varieties are Cherokee Purple and Super Beefsteak, both of which I traded for. They are the only ones I’m growing in cages. Everyone else will be trellised.

Also potted up a bunch of herbs- some grown from seed (Basil, oregano, cilantro) and others acquired in swaps (lemon verbena, rosemary, savory).

Still have to decide where these little roses grown from seed last year will be planted.

But they are shaping up nicely- in fact the larger is on the verge of blooming!

Such promise in a bud. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!



    Looking good Tweet!

    We are off to Maui tomorrow.

    Happy Mother’s day

    Love ❤️



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