Sheep and Chicken Report

Tiny chickens transitioned to new living quarters this week! They are now out in the shed with the big chigs- though they have a separate area set up with their baby food that the grownups can’t get into. They seem to be adjusting well, and sticking together, so that’s cool.

First night they made some questionable decisions about where to sleep, but they are figuring things out now and mostly keeping out of trouble-

And on the sheep side, I made more shearing progress on Saturday-

Daphne was surprisingly cooperative, and I was able to get her tidied up quite nicely. But Dottie and Felix weren’t really into it. I got halfway done with Dottie and only about 1/3 through Felix, but at least they are started. For me the neck and chest is always the trickiest bit, so it’s good to have that part done on each of them.

Outside of Daphne fleece
Underside of Daphne fleece
Dottie locks- some almost 7 inches long
Felix fleece- really dirty tips
But check out that crimp!

And here is a cute photo that The Man took of Fiona this weekend-

So sweet. You’d never guess from this photo what a crazy little bugger she is. 🙂

Have good week everyone!


    • denisemor

      Dottie’s wool is beautiful. Haven’t had any felting problems- and half of her fleece is about the same volume of all of Daphne’s. But she’s not very keen to let me have it! Actually, Daphne is the one with felting issues this year. Right along the middle of her back it was fused together pretty good. I’m thinking it will make an excellent chair pad!Daphne felted fleece


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